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Filling out brackets today like:

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Hmm divided by the square root of -4 and BOOM you may have a winning March Madness bracket. Channing Tatum may be onto something here. Take that science!

  CBB | The Big Dance

Put on your dancing shoes (or basketball shoes), because the field has been set and 68 teams have been chosen for the 2018 NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. Yesterday, teams waited anxiously to see if they made the cut. Some eyebrows were raised as school like USC, Louisville, and Notre Dame didn't make the list, and dreams were made for schools like Loyola, who will make their first tournament appearance in 33 years.

What now?
The fun starts tomorrow, so fill out your brackets tonight. This is a single elimination tournament aka no time for second chances, as teams make a run for the championship game. Over 20 million people tune in for these games. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first timer, here are some bracket tips:

  1.  The No. 1 Seeds:  These teams have been at the top of their games this season and are the front-runners for a deep tournament run. For the time in school history, Xavier has landed a 1-seed. UVA got the number-one seed overall, but may have the toughest road ahead
  2. Sleeper Teams , as in don’t sleep on these teams (thus the name). These are Cinderella stories in the making, so consider these when setting your brackets.
  3. Flip a coin for a seed 8-9 matchup. I’m not even kidding – the teams are marginally different, and it could be anyone’s game.
  4. Here's a tournament refresher, and more useful tips here

I mean your odds are 1 in 9.2 quintillion (yes, with a Q), but that’s still a chance. Print out a bracket here, or get a group of people together and join in on the fun here. Shoot your shot people and if you win $1 Million, don’t forget the people that you got you there (ahem, us). 


CBB | First Four Tournament – (3/13-3/14): Eight teams enter the tournament, and four teams exit with a ticket to the Big Dance. After the First Four, the official 64 team bracket will start!

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