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Welcome GRL gang!

We hope you are loving this online sports community as much as we do because it was inspired by you. 

The saying, ‘throw like a girl,’ has historically been used as an insult in sports. We’re putting a new spin on it with the creation of this online sports community. Throw Like a GRL was created by best friends, Lindsey Pallares and Vivian Nguyen, as a passion project to help women join the sports conversation. The sports industry, up until this point, has been a male dominated one, and TLG is looking to change that. You can say we are leveling the playing field.

TLG is all about education, empowerment, and strength in numbers (of other wonderful women). Sports don’t have to be daunting or intimidating, at least not when you’ve got the GRL gang by your side. Think of us as the girls on the couch you can always turn to when you need a quick refresher before the game or when you don’t understand a flag on the play. We’ve got you covered! Invite your coworker, your sister, your best friend - because together we're going to show people what it means to throw like a GRL. 

Lindsey Pallares and Vivian Nguyen


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